“Over the years of music making, travels and experiences, I’ve met some of the most wonderful, generous and kind human beings. I am so grateful for all of you and your remarkedly authentic uniqueness. Each and Every. The furry ones too. You are the harmony in my world. With you…the colors are so much MORE brilliant. I thank you deeply from my heart for your presence in my life.   Eli

My name is Elizabeth Lee and I have been creating music and art in concert since I was a little girl. I was born in Pasadena and spent many afternoons in the art room and the music hall. In my world, the two exist perfectly and harmoniously together. I have always been very drawn to vivid colors…much of what I have seen in the beautiful Texas sunsets growing up. My art and I speak about both musical and visual expression, has brought me to a multitude of places all over the world…some of which I have captured in my paintings and song.

Apart from studying art throughout my education, I also studied formal live drawing, still life, history and artistic expression at The Art Students League in New York City. My work has been shown in various galleries, exhibits, auctions, homes, and… my concerts. My medium is acrylic on wood, however, I embrace the smoothness of a canvas. My colors are vivid and clear. When creating music, rhythms, tones, and chords…I see colors. I see the high notes being brilliant reds or purples and the lows are dark blues and greens. And when I paint, I fill my mind with music. The sounds dictate the color on my brush. I wish the same experience for you…the viewer.

While I express myself in several styles, RED DAWG has been a main focus. I use my music in collaboration with Red Dawg as a vehicle for spreading goodwill, compassion, and knowledge. It’s my small contribution to help heal the world… every little bit …helps.

Thank you for your appreciation of art, music, and the pursuit of happiness through love, courage, and goodwill.


Elizabeth Lee